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[info]celeb if this ain't me [16 Sep 2017|01:23pm]

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if batman gets his name from his fear of bats, what would your superhero name be? [16 Sep 2017|12:00pm]


[ music | damagedvocalcordswoman sounds hella intimidating, no? who wants all the ims? ]

they say true love, is enough forever, forever then i'll stay here in your arms forever, forever. not a thing in this world i won't give up can't live in this world, if i'm not next to you, to you, to you just a plain ol' girl, i don't need nothin' they say i got it all, but they don't know that all is you, is you. so don't give your love away, away, away, away and i won't give my love away, away, away, away let's just keep it between us. can't see myself, with no one else no never, no never i can make it through, the worst with you so whatever, so whatever. not a thing in this world i won't give up can't live in this world, if i'm not next to you, to you. know that i don't ever wanna hurt you and i don't think nobody else deserves you, and i don't think i can see nobody else here with me. promise to love you, and to cherish, and to nurture and when the time is right we can take it further long as i know that you're here to stay and never give your love away
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screened [15 Feb 2030|08:36pm]

new york rangers schedule
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[info]celeb can i get an amen!? [14 Sep 2030|08:47pm]

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screened [14 Sep 2030|08:46pm]

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[info]celeb [13 Sep 2017|05:49pm]

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screened [13 Sep 2017|05:33pm]

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what do you think people think about you? what do you hope they think about you? [09 Sep 2017|12:09pm]

[ mood | anon is on so be nice, please ]
[ music | let me know if i can ask you things, i want to be nosy ]

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